Passenger kills bus driver by dousing him in liquid and setting him on fire

A passenger doused a bus driver with inflammable liquid and burned him to death in front of horrified passengers in the Australian city of Brisbane on Friday. There was no apparent motive for the killing of the 29-year-old man named as Manmeet Alisher, a well-known singer in the Indian Punjabi community. Police superintendent Jim Keogh told reporters: “It’s a horrific incident here in the quiet suburb of Moorooka. This is a rare one where it appears to be no apparent motive.”

A bus driver, going about, doing his business, supporting the community, has had his life taken from him in what is a senseless and needless act.

Police superintendent Jim Keogh

The attack happened as the bus pulled into Moorvale Shopping Centre to pick up passengers. “The fire was substantial, he would have stood little chance,” Mr Keogh said. Bystanders kicked down the back doors of the bus to rescue the six passengers on board. Taxi driver Aguek Nyok said: “Literally as I pulled up I saw and heard the front of the bus explode and a guy ran out and he was covered in flames, head to toe.” A 48-year-old suspect was arrested at the bus stop and placed in custody.

He was a very social guy and he wanted to create a good social society and made short films. As a person he was family man, only one time you met him you are thinking he is a very good guy.

Mintu Brar, manager at Punjabi radio station Harman Radio