Police officers stage hoax traffic stop to help driver propose to his girlfriend

New York City police officers staged a phony traffic stop so the supposed suspect could propose to his girlfriend. The officers pulled over Yehuda Coriat’s car in the Far Rockaway neighborhood and told him they suspected him of carrying weapons and drugs. When Mr Coriat, 22, got out of the car, they popped the boot to reveal balloons and flowers. Then, he got down on his knees and proposed to 20-year-old girlfriend Sorah Oppen. Now, the couple plan to marry in the next few months.

I brainstormed all day to come up with an idea, until it occurred to me to use the NYPD to help me out

Yehuda Corriat

Mr Coriat said his fiance told him to surprise her when he proposed but she wanted something extra special and not a typical surprise. After a day brainstorming he came up with the idea of asking the police to help him out. He arranged to meet Miss Oppen on Wednesday morning to go out for breakfast. At first, she thought the police were ruining her proposal but, when she finally realised what was happening, she freaked out, he said. Miss Oppen said a friend of the couple had helped set up the stunt and the officers were not on duty at the time.