President-elect Donald Trump questions if spies leaked explosive dossier

Donald Trump says intelligence agencies may have leaked a dossier containing claims that Russia has compromising material about him. The US President-elect said if the agencies had leaked the unsubstantiated document to the media it would be a “tremendous blot on their record”. Mr Trump, who is due to be inaugurated next week, dismissed the salacious claims in the dossier - reportedly compiled by a retired British spy - as “nonsense”, “fake news” and “phoney stuff”.

[Buzzfeed] will suffer the consequences for its report

Donald Trump

The document reportedly alleges Russia obtained compromising material on the billionaire during a stay in a five-star hotel in Moscow - including recordings of graphic sexual acts. It was also said to have included allegations of close contact between associates of Mr Trump and Russians about hacking into Democratic party accounts. The claims were first carried by the website Buzzfeed and Mr Trump said it will “suffer the consequences for its report”. He also criticised CNN for its coverage and “building the story up”.