Silverback gorilla dies from cardiac arrest while being moved to another zoo

An endangered lowland gorilla has died after being sedated ready to be moved from one zoo to another. Bantu, a 220kg silverback could not be revived when he went into cardiac arrest at the Mexico City zoo. Vets battled for 30 minutes to save the 24-year-old male - one of the zoo’s star attractions - but in vain. “The Chapultepec zoo is in mourning, and deeply regrets the death of Bantu,” Mexico City’s environment department said in a statement.

This incident has caused great consternation among zoo personnel who cared for him for nearly 25 years

Mexico City environment department

Bantu, a Western lowland gorilla, was being moved from Chapultepec to another 340 miles away in Guadalajara. It was hoped he would breed there having failed to mate successfully with three females in Mexico City. About 20 vets and animal experts were believed to have been involved in the transportation efforts. Tests are now under way to confirm the cause of Bantu’s passing - while employees at Chapultepec were said to be greatly distressed by the incident.