Six gored as second day of Pamplona bull-running descends into chaos

Six people were gored on Friday, two seriously, on the second day of the week-long San Fermin festival in Pamplona. One runner was gored in the chest and another in the belly, hospital officials said. Another eight were treated for other injuries sustained in the run. The 5 minute 46 second run featured six bulls from the Cebada Gago ranch, known for the ferocity of its animals. Several of the bulls used in the run on Friday got separated from the pack and began charging at whatever came in sight. About 1,000 red-scarved runners took part in the run, which lasted more than twice the normal time.

The bulls have never seen a human being on the ground before - they are ranched wild from horseback - so they may view you as a fellow herbivore fleeing the same predator and ignore you

Bullfighting expert Alexander Fiske-Harrison on how to avoid being gored

After a relatively calm first bull run on Thursday, the second running of the bulls was described as chaotic, dangerous and long. The first goring took place only a matter of seconds into the run while the pack of rampaging animals quickly split up as some bulls decided to chase individual runners. It could have been worse. At one point, one bull looked set to charge two runners and gore them with its horns only to stop when confronted by another bull. Five people were reported to have been hurt on Thursday but none of them were gored.