Student who blew millions bank gave her in error detained over visa violation

A student accused of blowing millions of dollars paid into her account by error was behind bars on Friday hours after being released on bail. Christine Jiaxin Lee, who is accused of using the money to rent a luxurious apartment and buy designer handbags, was detained in Sydney for outstaying her student visa. The 21-year-old was taken into custody by immigration officers, having just been allowed to go free on Aus$1,000 (US$735) bail. She had been in court facing charges relating to the Aus$4.6 million (US$3.4 million) she wrongly received and kept for four years.

It isn’t proceeds of crime. It’s money we all dream of

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The Malaysian chemical engineering student was first arrested as she tried to board a flight to her home country on Wednesday night. Prosecutors claim she she should have returned the money to the bank and charged her with dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage by deception and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime. When her lawyer laid out the details of her spending to Sydney’s Waverley Local Court, magistrate Lisa Stapleton said: “That’s a lot of handbags.” She also questioned whether the cash could be considered a proceed of crime because it was given to her by the bank.