Survivor pulled from the rubble by rescuers six days after building collapse

A survivor has been pulled alive from the rubble six days after a building collapsed in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The woman was freed by rescuers amid cheers and applause before being carried away on a stretcher. She had been trapped in a small corner of her room and had been speaking to doctors, who had given her oxygen and rescue teams scrambled to rescue her.

She is talking and in good spirits

Pius Masai, head of Kenya’s National Disaster Management Unit

The woman had survived in a pocket of broken masonry since the housing block came down on Friday night. Rescue workers made space in the debris as they use their hands and power tools to release her. The number of people confirmed to have lost their lives in the disaster has risen to 33, while 80 others are still missing, say officials. A baby, who is nearly six months old, was freed on Tuesday suffering from dehydration but no sign of other injuries.