Suspect shot in the head in police raid after Notre Dame ‘terror attack test run’

A terror suspect was gunned down as she was arrested by French police investigating a car found packed with gas cylinders near Notre Dame cathedral. The woman was said to have been shot in the head when a police officer opened fire after she stabbed another officer in the shoulder during the arrest. She was critically wounded but his injuries were said to not be life-threatening. Two other women were also held in the anti-terror operation. French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said police had been in a “race against time to arrest the three women, aged 39, 23 and 19.

They had been radicalised, were fanatics and were in all likelihood preparing an imminent, violent act

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve

The arrests were linked to the discovery of the abandoned Peugeot 607 near the Paris tourist attraction earlier this week. It contained six gas cylinders, one on the front seat, as it was left with its hazard lights on in what police say was a terror attack test run. The 19-year-old suspect, detained in Boussy-Saint-Antoine on the outskirts of Paris, is said to be one of the daughters of the owner of the vehicle. Four other people suspected of being "radical Islamists” have also been arrested in the same case.

It may have been that they were on a test run. There was nobody in the car, and the cannisters were not connected to any detonator or explosives.

Police source