Swimmer taken to hospital with shark that bit her still on her arm

A woman who was bitten by a shark was taken to the hospital for treatment - with the fish that bit her hanging from her arm. The 23-year-old woman was out swimming off the coast of Red Reef Park, Florida, when the two-foot nurse shark took a chomp into her. The fish remained attached to her as people worked on her on the beach. Eyewitnesses said that the woman had been provoking the shark by holding its tail when it bit her.

Sharks are the most humane thing ever. So it wouldn’t bite them if they hadn’t been messing with it.

Nate Patrick, 11, tells the Sun Sentinel

By the time paramedics arrived, the shark had died. She was was taken to nearby Boca Regional Hospital with a splint to support the dead shark’s weight. Nurse sharks, common off the coast of Florida, can grow up to 14-foot long and will bite as a defence mechanism if provoked or stepped on by human.