The Omen’s ‘Damien’ in road rage attack: Harvey Spencer Stephens spared jail

The actor who played the devil child Damien in horror film The Omen has been handed a suspended prison sentence for punching two cyclists in a road rage attack. Harvey Spencer Stephens, 46, lashed out at the pair after getting out of his car, knocking one man unconscious and damaging the teeth of the other. He pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and one of causing criminal damage following the attack on Toys Hill, near Westerham, Kent. Stephens sprang to global fame after starring as Damien Thorn - a young anti-Christ - in the Oscar-winning 1976 film alongside Gregory Peck and Lee Remick.

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Harvey Spencer Stephens’ challenge to cyclists

But his film career was short-lived and after school he went on to work in the City. The father of two was “red-faced and angry” when he confronted the cyclists on 21 August last year, Maidstone Crown Court heard. Kieran Brand, prosecuting, said Stephens repeatedly used his horn when riders Mark Richardson and Alex Manley were side-by-side on the road as one overtook the other. Mr Richardson’s response was to flick his middle finger at Stephens, who then accelerated, overtook the pair and pulled over. Mr Brand said Stephens, who lives in Kent, punched Mr Richardson, knocking him unconscious before Mr Manley intervened.