The penis snip-off rip-off bringing tears to the eyes of thousands of men

It is not just the thought of a quick foreskin snip that is bringing tears to the eyes of hundreds of men. It’s also the rip-off charges and painful after-effects of the procedure, according to consumer watchdogs in Japan. The double whammy of shoddy workmanship and bills running into thousands of dollars has prompted 1,092 complaints about treatment for phimosis. Now, the National Consumer Affairs Centre is warning men to beware the pitfalls of having the procedure to correct the condition, a narrowing of the foreskin which stops the penis being fully retracted.

Ask for a full explanation of the risks involved. Avoid unnecessary medical procedures and think seriously before agreeing to surgery on the same day as diagnosis unless in an emergency.

NCAC website advice

The complaints, mostly from men in their teens to 30s have piled up at the NCAC between 2011 and 2015. Surgical blunders have led to problems including swelling, heavy bleeding, tissue decay and erectile dysfunction, it said. Other complainants say they answered advertisements offering phimosis surgery for between $500 and $1,000, only to be told by clinics that “cheap surgery could cause a shabby appearance” to the penis. Subsequently, many of those establishments recommended procedures costing more than $10,000 with numerous patients signing paperwork and having surgery the same day.