Thousands line the streets for final farewell to boxing great Muhammad Ali

Thousands of people lined the streets as Muhammad Ali was laid to rest today, the culmination of a two-day farewell for the boxing legend and civil rights hero. They could be heard chanting “Ali, Ali” and “I love you Ali” as his funeral motorcade made its way through his home city of Louisville, Kentucky. The funeral procession, which started an hour late, passed landmarks such as his childhood home, the Ali Center, the Center for African American Heritage and along Muhammad Ali Boulevard before arriving at the Cave Hill Cemetery for a private burial. Actor Will Smith - who earned an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Ali on the silver screen - and former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis will be among the pallbearers.

There’s so much love out here and everyone is showing their respect and love for this great man. The greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali.

Fan Juan Vivar, outside Ali’s childhood home

On Thursday, thousands of people came together across creeds and nationalities for a Muslim prayer service in remembrance of the boxer, who died last at the age of 74. The brief ceremony brought together dignitaries and ordinary fans, honoring a man known for both his tenacity in the ring and his social activism outside of it. Organisers believe they were able to show the true side of Islam, which Ali embraced after joining black separatist religious movement the Nation of Islam as a young athlete.

This week we lost an icon…A person who for African Americans, I think, liberated their minds in recognizing that they could be proud of who they were.

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