Three more court cases could disrupt Brexit regardless of Article 50 vote

The battle over Britain breaking free from the EU is not over even if MPs approve a bill triggering Article 50 on Wednesday, campaigners say.A vote will take place in the Commons at 7pm after the Supreme Court agreed with campaigner Gina Miller that MPs should have a say on Article 50 - the starting gun for exit negotiations.MPs are expected to approve the bill but that won’t be the end of the matter, with three more court cases seeking to disrupt our divorce from the bloc.

And it’s pretty clear that if we went on bended knee to the other 27 and we said, ‘Look we’ve had second thoughts about this, can we back out?

Mr Maugham

The expats’ CaseAnother crowdfunded case has been launched by a group of British expats at the European Court of Justice.The group is suing the European Commission President over his order to keep Britain out of EU meetings while banning informal discussions on Brexit.Jean-Claude Juncker said there should be no negotiations until the UK triggers Article 50. The expats say this is illegal and has a huge, unjust impact on their lives.Wynne Edwards, of the Fair Deal for Expats group, said: “It doesn’t have to do with trade deals and the common market and all that.”

This case seeks to restore agency to our Parliament. If Parliament did change its mind, and if we won the Dublin case, we would not need to go on bended knee to seek the support of the 27.

Mr Maugham