Three ‘strong’ earthquakes strike central Italy and Rome

Three strong earthquakes have been felt in central Italy, with people in Rome saying they experienced the tremors, local media say. The first quake measured a magnitude of 5.4 and was 60 miles north of Rome, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre confirmed. Two more of similar magnitude struck 50 minutes later around the same region and were felt in Rome. The Metro in Rome has been evacuated following the second quake.

Many parts of Italy lie on a major seismic fault line. Minor tremors and earthquakes are almost a daily occurrence.

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The quakes are the latest to hit the region after an earthquake in August flattened the town of Amatrice. Two further quakes rattled the region in October, with the most powerful measuring 6.5 magnitude. The latest follows 36 hours of continuous snowfall in areas close to Amatrice and another badly-hit mountain town, Norcia. As a result of last year’s quakes many residents have been evacuated to temporary accommodation outside the earthquake-prone zone along Italy’s mountainous spine.