Tigers maul woman to death and injure another in Chinese wildlife park

A visitor was mauled to death and another seriously injured when they were attacked by Siberian tigers at a wildlife park in Beijing. The women reportedly got into an argument while driving through Beijing Badaling Wildlife World, which ended when one of them decided to get out of their car. CCTV footage shows the moment a tiger leaps at the woman from behind, grabbing her and pulling her away from the vehicle. When her friend and a man got out of the car to chase after the tiger in a bid to help, the second woman was killed by a tiger, which then carried her body away.

Visitors can drive through by car but definitely cannot get out without permission. Two female tourists got out and they were attacked by tigers.

Chinese source

Park staff rushed to help the pair, but were only able to save one of them, it has been reported. The injured woman is recovering from her wounds in hospital, while a child who was also in the car escaped unharmed. Beijing Badaling Wildlife World allows customers to drive their own cars through an open space where animals roam free but visitors are not allowed to leave their vehicles in certain enclosures. A spokesperson for the park refused to comment on the attack and said the attraction was closed for two days due to forecasts of heavy rain