Tom Hanks’ blockbuster typewriter app rockets to top of App Store charts

An iPad app created by Hollywood star Tom Hanks has shot to the top of Apple’s iTunes Store. Hanx Writer, which emulates an old-fashioned typewriter, was only launched last week but has already become one of the most popular apps. The free download, launched on Aug. 14, makes all the noises of a typewriter, including the “ding” when you start a new line, but benefits from modern technology such as being able to press delete when you make a mistake.

Everything you type on a typewriter sounds grand, the words forming in mini-explosions of SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK. A thank-you note resonates with the same heft as a literary masterpiece.

Tom Hanks, talking about typewriters last year

When asked by @appstore on Twitter what inspired the “Saving Mr. Banks” star to create the app, he said: ” … cause I find it’s like music that spurs along the creative urge. Bang bang clack-clack-clack puckapuckapuckapucka… #HanxWriter” Last summer, Hanks wrote about his love of typewriters in The New York Times and revealed he uses one every day. The actor teamed with mobile-development studio Hitcents on the app. Users have called it “genius” and “simple” in their reviews.

It is amazing just how simple sounds and a typewriter layout can deceive your mind. I actually feel what I am typing rather than the cold and soulless iPad default keyboard.

Andre, commenting on the app