Trump ‘has world leaders rattled’ as he wins enough support for nomination

Barack Obama says foreign leaders are rattled by Donald Trump and have good reason to feel that way. The U.S. president accused the presumptive Republican presidential nominee of ignorance about world affairs. Speaking at the start of the G7 meeting in Japan, Mr Obama weighed into the U.S.election saying other leaders were “not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements”. Then he added:  "But they’re rattled by them, and for good reason.“

Because a lot of the proposals that he has made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines

Barack Obama

Mr Trump has dominated headlines since launching his presidential campaign last year with a mix of incendiary comments and policy stances seen as insulting Mexicans, Muslims and women, among others. But the real-estate mogul and reality TV star is closing the gap on Democrat rival Hillary Clinton in polls. However, in Japan, Mr Obama contrasted his bullish approach to proposals that thoughtfully address what’s required to keep the U.S. safe and prosperous and "to keep the world on an even keel”. He also played down the rivalry between Mrs Clinton and Bernie Sanders whose tenacious campaign has also rattled the Democrat establishment.

What is really important to remember is that, unlike what you have seen in the Republican primary, for the most part there is not that big a difference in terms of the issues. They are both good people, I know them both well

Mr Obama on Mr Sanders and Mrs Clinton