Trump pours $43million of his own money into run for the White House

Donald Trump poured more than $7.5 million of his own money into his presidential campaign last month, bringing his total personal spending to more than $43 million, new finance reports show. The billionaire businessman, who is now the sole candidate remaining in the Republican nomination race, has now spent about $56 million during the primary. In April, he burned through $9.4 million, more than a third of it on advertisements and direct mail. However, most of his personal contributions were in the form of loans, so Mr Trump could pay himself back now he is collecting donations.

Every time Donald Trump opens his mouth, he makes it even more clear that he doesn’t have the qualifications or the temperament … to be our commander-in-chief,

John Podesta, Clinton campaign chair

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has earned the backing of America’s powerful gun lobby, the National Rifle Association. He won the organisation’s backing despite previously supporting measures such as a ban on assault weapons. Speaking at the NRA convention in Louisville, Kentucky, Mr Trump was cheered wildly as he reiterated his call for ending “gun-free zones”. Instead, he attacked Democrat rival Hillary Clinton’s stance on weapons, calling her Heartless Hillary and mocking her attempts to introduce tighter gun controls, claiming they would put women, in particular, at risk.

She’s putting the most vulnerable Americans in jeopardy

Donald Trump attacks Mrs Clinton over gun policy