Trump’s travel ban could hurt Los Angeles’ bid for 2024 Olympics

Donald Trump’s travel ban on refugees and citizens of seven majority-Muslim nations may damage Los Angeles’ bid for the 2024 Olympics, according to a member of the International Olympic Committee. Richard Peterkin told Sky News that the ban, which has been condemned by leading athletes including Sir Mo Farah, could influence the decision of IOC members when they vote on who will host the 2024 Games later this year. Los Angeles is competing with Paris and Budapest, with the three cities formally submitting their candidacy files to the IOC today.

This could have an impact on people being able to train (in the US), to fly through, and attend sports events, particularly if LA wins the 2024 Olympics.

Richard Peterkin

Mr Peterkin is the only IOC member to comment publicly about the ban, which he described as “totally contrary to Olympic ideals”. Mr Peterkin said he had an “open mind” about LA’s bid and hoped members would vote on the basis of what was best for athletes, but said the volatile political climate could influence the election, with all three cities facing political challenges. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has adopted a hard line against refugees, and far right leader Marine Le Pen is considered a leading candidate for the French presidential election in May. “We have three good bids but they all have issues because of what their government is doing,” he said.