Two held after gas canisters found in abandoned car near Notre Dame

An abandoned car containing gas cylinders has been found near Notre Dame cathedral in Paris in what police believe was a terror attack test run. The owner of the Peugeot 607, who has been arrested, is on a watchlist of people suspected of religious radicalism, a police official said. Another person is reported to have been detained. It was not clear why the car was abandoned and there was no detonator found among the cylinders. “We think he may have been trying to carry out a test-run,” one police official said.

I am sure that they will move to the level of vehicle bombs and explosive devices and they will thus increase their power.

Calvar Patrick, head of the French domestic intelligence service, warns of Islamic State threat in July

French police said the car had no registration plates and it was found with its hazard lights flashing. The vehicle contained seven gas cylinders, one of which was empty and placed on the front passenger seat. A book written in Arabic was found at the scene, it was reported. The security alert comes after a warning from the head of the French domestic intelligence service, Calvar Patrick, that Islamic State could use booby-trapped vehicles to attack France.