Two police officers injured as ‘gas leak’ causes blast in shop in Budapest

Two police officers have been taken to hospital after being seriously injured in an explosion at a shop in Budapest. The pair were on foot patrol when the blast ripped through the ground floor premises close to the Franz Liszt Academy of Music on Saturday night. It was not clear what had caused the explosion which destroyed the front of the property but did not set off any fires. Some reports have blamed it on a gas leak.

I heard and felt a really loud #explosion in the city centre of Budapest, a lot of police cars are passing by

Twitter user Ilona Vanouplines

The explosion occurred at a busy intersection in the city centre, with reports it could be heard hundreds of yards away. Officers immediately cordoned off the area and businesses nearby were evacuated but police later declared the scene safe. Video posted to social media show some people being treated at the scene amid a large police presence.

I’d say at least 5 or 6 injured as I could see them laying on ground. Hope they’re all not to serious

Witness Owain Brown