Violence flares as rival demonstrators clash outside Trump rallies

Bad-tempered clashes between thousands of rival demonstrators have marred the latest rallies held by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Skirmishes broke out in San Diego as both sides jeered and heckled each other, with some protesters throwing water bottles and rocks. Twelve people were arrested, including one for trying to climb a railing in a city just a few miles from the Mexican border, where the property tycoon has pledged to build a wall to keep out immigrants.

I am opposed to the hateful, bigoted, racist language of Donald Trump and his arrogance and intolerance. I’m for all of our people - all races, sexes, genders, military veterans - and he’s divisive

Protester Martha McPhail

Police outside the city’s convention centre ordered the crowd to disperse after the billionaire’s speech, but protesters from both sides refused to leave for hours. Dozens of riot officers stood between the rival groups but one Trump supporter was seen using pepper spray against another protester. An anti-Trump supporter was tackled to the ground before being handcuffed and dragged away, apparently for ignoring a request to clear the area. Earlier in the day, two women were arrested as protesters gathered outside another Trump rally in Fresno.

My dad always told me you need a businessman as president. I like his policies.

Riley Hansen, a 19-year-old Trump supporter