We want to see less of Hillary: Near-naked mural of Clinton has to come down

Hillary Clinton is often accused of being involved in a cover-up. Now, she - or at least a saucy mural of her wearing a revealing, stars and stripes swimsuit –is involved in a row over another one. The image of the US presidential candidate on the wall of a shop in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray has upset council officials who say it has to be removed. “We believe it is offensive because of the depiction of a near-naked woman, not on the basis of disrespect to Hillary Clinton,” said Maribyrnong Council’s chief executive Stephen Wall. But Lushsux, the graffiti artist behind the painting, and the shop’s staff say the council is being pathetic.

This is a clear case of an out-of-control council. The mural is about on par offence-wise with a Lynx deodorant ad

Artist Lushsux

Lushux, who has worked with British graffiti artist Banksy, has previously painted murals lampooning celebrities such as Taylor Swift and has put up unflattering images of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. His latest image of Mrs Clinton, which he labelled “stupid sexy Hillary”, went up at the same time as a near-naked image of Mr Trump’s wife Melania. He says he has already had his Instagram account deleted over the latest images. “They seem hell bent on trying to screw over people,” he said of the council action. At the Mister Mobility shop where Mrs Clinton is shown in all her glory, one worker said: “I’m not offended by it and I’m a woman. I think it’s a beautiful picture. She’s got a full bather on and the private parts are covered.”

I’m not one for censorship of the arts but whether it’s Hillary or any woman, I find it highly offensive: highly sexualised and it’s inappropriate. It’s pretty confronting when you drive down that street. I just find it pretty tacky.

Maribyrnong councillor Sarah Carter