Will Marvel’s comic-book curveballs affect their movies?

Of the two announcements — that Thor is a woman and Captain America is suceeded by the African-American Falcon — it’s pretty clear that the new Captain America is the one most likely make the transition to film. In fact, such a change was strongly set up in this year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier with the relationship between Cap and Anthony Mackie as Falcon. it’s easy to spin a scenario in which Mackie dons the familiar star-spangled suit. If so, it would mark a huge shift in Marvel-movie history: For while the X-Men’s Storm (Halle Berry) and Tony Stark pal Col. Rhodes (Don Cheadle) each had their moments, it’s about time that Marvel gives audiences an African-American franchise-leading superhero.

It doesn’t take a Professor Xavier to figure out that Marvel (and parent company Disney) are mapping their long-term big-screen strategies very carefully.

Wook Kim, Yahoo Movies writer

A female Thor would be another compelling addition to Marvel’s movie roster. And, of course, such a project would square up nicely against DC Comic’s Wonder Woman movie, slated to hit theaters May 2016. But at the moment, this seems a distant possibility. Current Thor Chris Hemsworth has three more movies on his contract (and seems perfectly happy being paid millions of dollars to wield a hammer).