Writer dashes into blazing apartment to rescue laptop with two novels on it

It might be time for writer Gideon Hodge to learn a little bit about the Cloud. Because, if he had used it to store copies of his two completed novels, he wouldn’t have had to risk life and limb by dashing into his blazing apartment to save his laptop. The 35-year-old actor, playwright and novelist ignored the screams of firefighters to stop as he sprinted past them to retrieve his computer with his precious works on them. He made it just in time - finding the laptop save and sound under a desk where it was protected from a soaking from the fire crews’ hoses. The charger, alas, was a write off.

Anybody that’s ever created art, there’s no replacing that. It’s got pretty much my life’s work.

Writer Gideon Hodge

The fire is thought to have started in an empty house next door before spreading to the apartment. Mr Hodge sprang into action when his girlfriend phoned him at work to tell him their apartment in Broadmoor, New Orleans, was on fire. He went straight to the scene, where he was photographed dressed in a #photobomb T-shirt with an illustration of the Joker photobombing Batman, dashing through the smoke into the property. He emerged a few minutes later, clutching the laptop. Mr Hodge said he did not hesitate before running in. “Despite my better sense, I just ran inside and grabbed it,” he said. “I didn’t think to be scared.”

Someone needs to tell him about the cloud.

Twitter user Hugh Kellenberger