You’ll be hit in the pocket (if you can reach them): Town bans baggy trousers

Wearing baggy trousers could get expensive in tiny Timmonsville, South Carolina. Following the trend for trousers so low they intentionally leave underwear on show could land the wearer with a fine ranging from $100 to $600. The fashion faux-pas has been outlawed under a new town ordinance. Offenders will be given a couple of warnings after which they will be hit in the, presumably very low-slung, pocket.

We’re trying to build up our town. And we can have the business, but if the people are not looking somewhat decent, then we have the business, but because of the people, they’ll be scared to get out of their cars

Councilman Walter Washington

Town administrator Mary Bines said the ordinance, which also bans nudity, was passed by the town council 5-1. The town, which has about 2,000 residents, says it wants to maintain standards on the streets. On the Timmonsville town Facebook page some commented that the ordinance was long overdue. “It’s about time that someone does something,” April McKee Biddle said in a comment. “It is indecent. My eight-year-olds have pointed out to me men with their belt buckles right over their privates. That, in my eyes, is very near exposure.”