Islamic State group releases over 200 captive Iraqi Yazidis
More than 200 most elderly members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority were freed by the Islamic State group after eight months in captivity and crossed Wednesday...
Islamic State must be put on trial for genocide against Yazidis, insists UN
Islamic State jihadists should be prosecuted for committing genocide against the Yazidis in Iraq, the United Nations has said. The UN human rights...
Islamic State justifies slavery of Yazidi ‘idolators’ on religious grounds
The Islamic State group said it enslaved families from the minority Yazidi sect after overrunning their villages in northwestern Iraq, in what it praised...
Islamic State releases new video showing Yazidis ‘converting’ to Islam
An Islamic State (IS) video has emerged purporting to show dozens of captured Yazidi people converting to Islam.
Air strikes launched in effort to retake dam from Islamic State forces
A day after Islamic State insurgents massacred 80 members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority in a village in the country’s north, retaliation has come...
Amid rescue mission talk, Islamic militants grab new weapon: Iraqi wheat
Fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have overrun large areas in five of Iraq’s most fertile provinces, where the U.N.
Reports: Kurdish forces rescue 5,000 Yazidi from Sinjar Mountain
Iraqi Kurdish security forces have opened a road to Sinjar Mountain in northwestern Iraq, rescuing more than 5,000 Yazidis trapped there, Al Jazeera reports.
More U.S. airstrikes near Irbil; militants hold 100s of Yazidi women captive
The Friday afternoon strikes followed a morning strike on an Islamic State of Syria and the Levant artillery gun that was firing on Kurdish troops near...