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Refugees fleeing Aleppo ‘detained by Syrian government’
Hundreds of civilians fleeing war-torn Aleppo are being detained and questioned by the Syrian government, say observers.
Mitt Romney praises Donald Trump after posh dinner in New York
Former Donald Trump critic Mitt Romney has said the President-elect is the “man who can lead us” after the pair met for an “enlightening”...
President Obama: ‘Michelle will never run for office’
President Obama says both he and first lady Michelle Obama will be “very active” in working with people at the grass-roots level to support...
Brazilian football team’s plane crashes in Colombia killing 76
Seventy-six people have been killed after a plane carrying members of a Brazilian football team crashed in Colombia, police have said.
Iceland v Iceland: Retailer seeks thaw over name dispute
Supermarket Iceland is sending a “high-level delegation” to Reykjavik as it seeks to thaw relations with the Nordic nation amid a dispute over...
Gustav Mahler’s Second Symphony manuscript sells for record £4.5m
The complete manuscript of Gustav Mahler’s Second Symphony has been sold by Sotheby’s for a record £4.5m on Tuesday.
Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood reveals she was raped twice
Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood has said she “could no longer stay silent” as she revealed she has been raped twice.
Angela Merkel rejects Theresa May’s advances on EU citizen ‘hostages’
The German Chancellor has rejected an approach by Theresa May’s team to try to settle early the thorny issue of the post-Brexit status of EU citizens...
Thunderstorm asthma: Death toll in Melbourne rises to six
Six people have died and five remain on life support after a rare condition known as thunderstorm asthma struck Australia’s second largest city.
Donald Trump says Wisconsin recount push is ‘a scam’
Donald Trump has blasted a push to recount presidential votes in three key states as a “scam”.
Donald Trump calls for national unity in Thanksgiving message
Donald Trump has admitted it will take time for “tensions to heal” following the election as he attempted to make a unifying Thanksgiving message...
Egypt unearths city and cemetery over 7,000 years old
Egypt has unearthed a more than 7,000-year-old city and cemetery dating back to its First Dynasty in the southern province of Sohag, the Antiquities Ministry...
EU Parliament wants to freeze Turkey membership talks
Underscoring growing unease, the European Union’s legislature on Thursday demanded that the bloc freeze membership negotiations with Turkey over...
Hurricane Otto forces thousands to flee in Central America
Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes as Hurricane Otto heads towards Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
Steven Gerrard announces retirement from professional football
Former Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard has announced his retirement from professional football.
At least 67 killed in China scaffolding collapse
Rescuers in China were battling on Thursday to free a worker trapped after the collapse of a platform under construction at a power plant killed at least...
Madonna stands by son Rocco Ritchie after marijuana arrest
Madonna has said she will stand by her son, Rocco, after the 16-year-old was arrested for having marijuana.
‘Thunderstorm asthma’ kills four in Australia
Four people have died from asthma attacks after a thunderstorm in the Australian city of Melbourne.
Dalai Lama has ‘no worries’ about Donald Trump becoming President
The Dalai Lama has said he has “no worries” about Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United States.
Iran warns of retaliation if U.S. breaches nuclear deal
Extending U.S. sanctions on Iran for 10 years would breach the Iranian nuclear agreement, Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Wednesday, warning...
Cambodian court upholds life terms for two Khmer Rouge leaders
A top Cambodian court on Wednesday upheld the life sentences for the two most senior surviving members of the Khmer Rouge regime, which is responsible...
U.S. Navy’s most advanced destroyer USS Zumwalt breaks down again
The U.S. Navy’s biggest and most advanced warship has been towed into port after breaking down in the Panama Canal.
World’s tallest water slide to close after 10-year-old boy was killed
The world’s tallest water slide will be demolished after a 10-year-old boy was killed riding it, park operators have said.
French conservatives go to the polls to vote for Presidential candidate
Voters in France have begun the process of deciding who could face far-right Marine Le Pen in next year’s presidential elections.
Angela Merkel will seek re-election as German Chancellor for fourth term
Angela Merkel will seek a fourth term as German chancellor in next year’s elections, according to party sources.
Leonard Cohen’s cause of death revealed
Canadian singer and poet Leonard Cohen died in his sleep after falling during the night at his Los Angeles home.
Folding paper bike helmet wins international James Dyson Award
A rain-resistant, folding, paper bicycle helmet has won the prestigious international James Dyson Award for clever inventions.
Pluto may have huge ocean under icy surface, NASA evidence shows
Pluto may have a huge hidden ocean under its frozen surface, scientists have found.New evidence, reported in two research papers published in Nature journal,...
Europe at risk of collapse says French Prime Minister
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said he fears that Europe is at risk of breaking apart.
British woman who reported rape in Dubai charged with having extra-marital sex
A British woman who told police in Dubai she had been raped has reportedly been charged with having extra-marital sex.

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