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Hillary Clinton to resume campaigning on Thursday after pneumonia scare
Hillary Clinton is to resume campaigning on Thursday after taking time out to recover from pneumonia, an aide has confirmed.
Briton strikes plea deal after grabbing policeman’s gun to shoot Trump
A Briton accused of trying to shoot Donald Trump at a Las Vegas rally has pleaded guilty to lesser charges.
Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning wins fight for sex change surgery
Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning has ended a hunger strike after being given permission to have gender transition surgery.
Aid crosses into Syria as war death toll passes 300,000
Fresh humanitarian aid is on its way to the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo - as the death toll of the five-year civil war is said to have reached 300,000.
Hajj pilgrims follow in prophet’s footsteps as Muslim world turns to Mecca
Nearly 1.5 million Muslims launched the annual hajj pilgrimage to Islam’s holiest sites on Saturday, undeterred by a stampede last year that cost...
EU warning to big business: The times are changing, so pay your tax
Big business has been told to shut up and cough up as they were warned they would have to pay their fair share of tax.
Iran starts work on two new nuclear reactors as it comes in from the cold
Construction began on two new nuclear reactors in Iran on Saturday, the first such project since the country returned from the diplomatic wilderness last...
Defiant North Korea ‘refuses to bend to nuclear backmail’ over latest bomb test
North Korea has said it will not submit to US “nuclear blackmail”, following the West’s condemnation of its fifth and largest nuclear...
South Korea calls for action on North’s ‘fast expanding’ nuclear capability
South Korea’s foreign minister has said that North Korea’s nuclear capability is expanding fast, echoing alarm around the world over the isolated...
Mattress shop apologises after stoking backlash with ad mocking 9/11 attacks
A mattress shop has apologised after provoking an online storm with an advert mocking the 9/11 atrocities to promote its “Twin Tower Sale”.
Acid attack victim redefines beauty as she makes star turn at fashion show
A teenager who lost an eye and whose face was brutally disfigured in an acid attack has become a star turn on the New York catwalk.
Plan to end data roaming charges withdrawn after backlash over 90-day limit
Hopes of free mobile phone roaming across Europe have been thrown into doubt after a plan was pulled days after its launch.
Four killed and 47 injured as passenger train derails at Spanish station
Four people have died after a train derailed in northern Spain. They were killed when the train came off the tracks and struck a pylon as it approached...
Suspect shot after Paris terror test run was ‘planning to attack rail station’
A teenage terror suspect was gunned down as she was arrested by French police investigating a car found packed with gas cylinders near Notre Dame cathedral.
Stripper scandal prompts rugby chiefs to team up with sexual violence activist
New Zealand Rugby is to work with an anti-sexual violence campaigner after facing a backlash over its handling of allegations that leading players abused...
Spacecraft begins seven-year mission to asteroid … to collect a bag of dust
A rocket on an ambitious mission to collect dust from an asteroid and return it to Earth for scientific analysis has blasted off from Cape Canaveral in...
Commander of Syria’s most powerful rebel group killed in airstrike
A leading Syrian rebel commander has been killed in Aleppo. Abu Hajer al Homsi died in an air raid, Jabhat Fatah al Sham, the former al-Qaeda offshoot,...
‘Several’ killed, 50 injured as passenger train derails at Spanish station
Several people have died after a train derailed in northern Spain. They were killed when the train came off the tracks and struck an electricity pylon...
Air passengers warned against using ‘fire-risk’ Galaxy phones on flights
Airline passengers should not turn on or charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones during flights or stow them in checked baggage, aviation officials...
Suspect shot in the head in police raid after Notre Dame ‘terror attack test run’
A terror suspect was gunned down as she was arrested by French police investigating a car found packed with gas cylinders near Notre Dame cathedral.
Reddy steady flow: Slurry leak from factory blamed as river turns crimson
An investigation is under way after a river running through a Russian city turned bright red.
LnkedIn forced to change ‘sexist’ algorithm to remove male name bias
LinkedIn has tweaked its search algorithm over claims it was sexist because it appeared to favour male versions of female names in searches.
‘Hyperlinking under threat’ as Playboy wins court fight over copyright
Playboy won a legal fight to stop a website from posting links to images published without permission on Thursday, a decision which could have far wider...
Autopilot under scrutiny again as driver is killed in 96mph Tesla crash
Tesla has cleared its controversial Autopilot feature of any blame in the latest fatal crash involving one of its high-powered sports cars.
It’s a smear campaign: Palestinians dismiss claims Abbas was 1980s KGB spy
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas was a Soviet-era KGB agent in the 1980s, it has been claimed.
Obama slaps down wacky and ill-informed Trump over ‘Putin’s better than you’ jibe
Barack Obama has dismissed Donald Trump as unfit to be president after he said Vladimir Putin was a better leader than he had been.
Paris attacks suspect Abdeslam remains silent in video camera protest
The only surviving suspect from the Paris attacks refused to answer questions when he appeared before an anti-terrorism judge on Thursday.
Trump heaps praise on Putin: He’s been a far more of a leader than Obama
Vladimir Putin is far more of a leader than Barack Obama, US presidential candidate Donald Trump has said.
Yours for $3m: Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday Mr Presdent dress up for sale
The flesh-coloured, skin-tight beaded gown Marilyn Monroe wore during her breathless rendition of Happy Birthday to president John F Kennedy is going up...
Two held after gas canisters found in abandoned car near Notre Dame
An abandoned car containing gas cylinders has been found near Notre Dame cathedral in Paris in what police believe was a terror attack test run.

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