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Suicide bombers kill 5 in eastern Lebanon border village
At least five people have been killed after a group of suicide bombers detonated their explosives in eastern Lebanon, according to reports.
Go in peace? Buddhist leaders warn NYC tourists to be wary of fake monks
New York City Buddhist leaders are sounding the alarm to tourists: Beware the “fake monks”.
Spain’s Rajoy claims right to form government after poll win
Spain’s acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said he would make a push for power after his conservatives won more seats in parliament in a repeat...
EU referendum: Scotland to forge ahead with 2nd independence vote, says Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon has said she will seek to enter into “immediate discussions” with Brussels to “protect Scotland’s place in the...
Presidential election just the warm-up show for Iceland’s football fairy tale
Iceland is expected to elect a new president on Saturday - but no one really cares very much.
Scientists join forces for new drive to save coral reefs from climate change
The fight is on to save the world’s coral reefs from the devastating effects of climate change.
We must never forget: Pope prays at Armenia memorial after denouncing genocide
Pope Francis has demanded that the world never forget the victims of the Ottoman-era slaughter of Armenians.
‘Extinct’ parrot which inspired Rio films is spotted for first time in 15 years
A rare blue parrot, which was the inspiration for the animated film Rio, has been spotted in the wild for the first time in 15 years.
Love is love, fair is fair: Thousands rally in Australia for same-sex marriage
Thousands of Australians marched across the country on Saturday calling on whichever party wins next month’s election to legalise same-sex marriages...
23 dead and hundreds stranded as worst floods in a century hit West Virginia
At least 23 people, including two young boys, have been killed in flooding in the US state of West Virginia.
China clamps down on paid online ads in wake of cancer student’s death
Search engines were ordered to identify paid search results clearly on Saturday in a clampdown prompted by the plight of a terminally ill cancer patient.
Setback for Zuma as judges throw out court bid to block corruption charges
South African president Jacob Zuma failed on Friday in his attempt to block 800 corruption charges being brought against him.
I got you babe: Cher aims to free lonely, chained elephant in Pakistan
Cher is leading the campaign to ease the plight of a lonely elephant in a Pakistani zoo.
EU referendum: Now you’re leaving us, just get on with it, Britain is told
EU leaders want Britain to move swiftly to negotiate leaving the bloc, saying any delay would prolong uncertainty.
Sanders takes aim at ‘bigot’ Trump as he says he will vote for Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders threw his support behind the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, on Friday morning.
Militants release partner of beheaded hostage after president intervenes
A hostage held by a notorious kidnapping-for-ransom gang in the strife-torn southern Philippines was released from captivity on Friday a week after her...
Want me back as Capt Kirk? Then write to the director, says William Shatner
William Shatner has told Star Trek fans to write to director J J Abrams if they want to see him return as Captain James Kirk.
We can hit U.S. bases, says elated Kim Jong-un after latest missile tests
Kim Jong-Un claims North Korea can strike US military bases across the Pacific following its latest missile tests.
Russian athletes to file class action in bid to lift Olympics ban over doping
Russian athletes will file a class action suit against the ban preventing their participation in the Rio Olympic Games.
Porn bosses apologise after three arrested for forcing women into sex acts
Porn industry bosses in Japan have issued a formal apology and promised to change following allegations that women have been forced to perform sex acts...
Pistorius: Murdered Reeva would want me to be free to help others
Oscar Pistorius says the girlfriend he killed would not want him to waste his life in jail.
Gruesome police hunt after decapitated body parts found in pond in Tokyo park
Human body parts including a head and legs were found in a pond in a in a wealthy residential area of Tokyo on Thursday.
Ikea recalls faulty safety gates after children injured falling down stairs
Ikea has recalled a line of safety gates following reports that children have fallen down stairs after they opened unexpectedly.
Can anyone answer this?: Why is Israeli air force ‘sucking up’ to Google?
The Israeli Air Force has come under fire for using dozens of soldiers to spell out 'Google’ from the air to welcome the company’s boss.
Motorcycle gunmen shoot dead one of Pakistan’s best-known singers
One of Pakistan’s best-known singers has been shot dead in what police have described as an act of terror.
Oh, golly gosh, listen to me: Surgery leaves Texas mum with British accent
An American mother who had surgery on her jaw now speaks with a British accent after she was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder.
Plane returns with sick Antarctic base worker after daring rescue mission
A plane has left the South Pole after a nine-hour journey over the icy continent to evacuate a sick worker from a remote U.S.
Golf star Rory McIlroy pulls out of Rio Olympics over zika virus fears
Golfer Rory McIlroy will not compete at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro because of concerns over the zika virus.
World golf No.4 Rory McIlroy pulls out of Rio Olympics over Zika virus fears
Golfer Rory McIlroy will not compete at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro because of concerns over the Zika virus.
How going to university raises the risk of developing brain tumour
People with higher levels of education may be more likely to develop certain types of brain tumours, a new study from Sweden suggests.

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