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Turning back the clock: Mitsubishi says false mileage tests done since 1991
Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has admitted falsifying fuel tests since 1991. A week after acknowledging it had intentionally lied about fuel economy data...
Australia defiant in face of PNG ruling island detention camps are illegal
Papua New Guinea’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that Australia’s practice of detaining asylum seekers on PNG’s northern Manus Island...
Taiwan party organiser jailed for almost 5 years for fireball that killed 15
The organiser of a party which saw a fireball rip through a Taiwan waterpark, leaving 15 dead and hundreds injured, was jailed for almost five years Tuesday...
Ukraine remembers victims of Chernobyl nuclear disaster 30 years on
Ukraine held memorial services on Tuesday to mark the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which permanently poisoned swathes of eastern...
Canada PM condemns cold-blooded murder of hostage in in Philippines
Islamist militants in the Philippines have killed hostage John Ridsdel, the Canadian government has confirmed.
Einstein’s theory of relativity faces satellite test
Einstein’s theory of general relativity is to be put to the test by a newly launched satellite in an experiment that could upend our understanding...
Divided you fall: Obama’s plea to Europe amid terror threat and migrant crisis
US President Barack Obama has warned Europe unity it is a “blessing you cannot take for granted” during a speech at the G5 in Hannover.
Bomb-hit Brussels subway station reopens a month on
The Brussels subway station where 16 people were killed by a suicide bomber has reopened just over a month after the attacks.
Mexico hampered probe into apparent student massacre, panel says
A panel of international experts has accused Mexico’s government of undermining their inquiry into the fate of 43 trainee teachers apparently massacred...
Billy Paul, Grammy-winning vocalist of ‘Me And Mrs Jones’, dies at 80
Billy Paul, the soul singer best known for the ballad Me And Mrs Jones, has died aged 80.
90yo ex-U.S. senator to marry 20 years after death of wife… and his spouse is a man
A 90-year-old former U.S senator whose wife died 20 years ago is to marry again – and he’s marrying a man.
Cruz and Kasich join forces in last-ditch effort to derail Trump’s charge
Donald Trump’s rivals are joining forces in a last-ditch effort to deny the Republican presidential frontrunner the delegates needed to win the party...
Police charge Australian teenager with planning ANZAC terror attack
Australian police have arrested and charged a teenager with planning a terror attack on Monday’s commemorations of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli...
After creating a storm in Britain, Obama ruffles feathers in Germany
President Obama arrived on a valedictory visit to Germany on Sunday to see his “friend” Chancellor Angela Merkel, but their show of unity looked...
Beyonce drops cheating hints as she releases surprise video album
Beyonce has dropped hints about infidelity in her marriage to Jay Z in a surprise new album release.
Far-right set for gains as Serbia prime minister seeks election backing for EU push
Serbians began voting Sunday in a general election that is likely to return pro-European prime minister Aleksandar Vucic to power but also give a voice...
Long haul flight: Solar-powered plane lands after two-day Pacific crossing
Solar Impulse 2, an experimental plane flying around the world without consuming a drop of fuel, landed in California on Sunday, one leg closer to completing...
Flowers and frustration as Nepal remembers 9,000 victims of earthquake
Hundreds of people gathered at the remains of a fallen iconic tower in the Nepalese capital on Sunday to mark the anniversary of a devastating earthquake...
Apple hopes to get its books, movies online after shutout in China
Apple Inc. said Friday it hopes to resume its online iTunes and iBooks services in China, where they were recently shut down less than seven months after...
Prince compilation expected to top charts as fans mourn loss of pop icon
There was no evidence of trauma on Prince’s body when he was found unresponsive at his Minnesota compound, and his death is not believed to be a...
‘Elvis & Nixon’ reimagines unrecorded but surreal White House meeting
“Elvis & Nixon,” a comedy that reimagines their unlikely White House encounter, opens in U.S.
175 states sign landmark Paris deal on climate change
Leaders from a record 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement on climate change Friday as the landmark deal took a key step forward, potentially entering...
End of the purple reign: autopsy to be held amid swirling Prince overdose rumours
A post-mortem examination is due to take place to determine what caused the death of pop superstar Prince. It follows reports on the TMZ celebrity...
Two killed as monster waves destroy cycle path built for Rio Olympics
At least two people have been killed when part of a new cycle lane built ahead of the Olympic games collapsed into the ocean Rio de Janeiro.
Uber pays $100m to swerve drivers’ lawsuit blocking its road to fortune
Taxi hailing service Uber has paid $100 million to swerve a legal dispute which threatened to derail its business.
Countries line up in record numbers to sign agreement on climate change
A record number of countries will endorse an international deal to tackle climate change on Friday.
FBI ‘paid more than $1m’ to hack into San Bernardino killer’s iPhone
The FBI paid more than $1 million to hackers to break into the locked iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, its boss has hinted.
Disaster-hit Ecuador rattled by second powerful earthquake in days
A powerful aftershock has rattled Ecuador, just days after 587 people were killed by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake.
Customers queue all night as Starbucks arrives in sub-Saharan Africa
Hundreds of coffee lovers queued in an upmarket Johannesburg shopping centre on Thursday as Starbucks opened its first cafe in sub-Saharan Africa.
Death toll rises as more bodies recovered after oil plant blast
The death toll in an explosion at state oil plant in Mexico rose to 13 on Thursday.

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