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Kim Jong-Un readies North Korea nuclear arsenal for pre-emptive strike
Leader Kim Jong-Un has ordered North Korea’s nuclear arsenal to be ready for a pre-emptive strike.
Donald Trump defends the size of his anatomy as debate sinks to vulgar low
Donald Trump traded cheap insults with his rivals as the race for the Republican presidential nomination reached a new low.
Pupils demand return of teacher fired after student stole her nude photo
Students are demanding the reinstatement of a teacher who was fired after a boy stole a nude picture of her from her phone.
Droppings them in it: Bird mess shuts down nuclear power plant
Bird droppings are suspected of causing the shutdown of a nuclear power plant outside New York City.
Tech rivals and civil rights groups join Apple’s legal fight against the FBI
Tech industry groups, privacy advocates and computer security experts filed briefs with a California court on Thursday asking it to dismiss the FBI order...
Former soccer star Brandi Chastain pledges her brain for concussion study
Brandi Chastain, whose penalty kick gave the United States the 1999 Women’s World Cup title, has pledged her brain for concussion research.
Pistorius faces return to jail after South Africa’s highest court dismisses appeal
South Africa’s highest court has dismissed Oscar Pistorius’ appeal of his murder conviction, a lawyer said Thursday, signaling that the former...
Kim Jong-Un readies North Korea nuclear arsenal for pre-emptive strike
Leader Kim Jong-Un has ordered North Korea’s nuclear arsenal to be ready for a pre-emptive strike.
Zoe Saldana’s Nina Simone trailer reignites Hollywood light-washing controversy
The upcoming biopic about soul singing legend Nina Simone, starring Zoe Saldana, sparked a fresh round of criticism after the trailer and poster for “Nina”...
EU warns migrants ‘it’s all for nothing,’ as plans to restore Schengen take shape
EU President Donald Tusk on Thursday issued a stark warning to economic migrants not to come to Europe, as he castigated countries for taking unilateral...
‘Visible’ progress in Syria as civilian death toll falls and fragile ceasefire holds
A U.S.-Russia-brokered cease-fire in Syria, now in its sixth day, is largely holding despite sporadic clashes in some areas, a U.N.
Norway rejects mass killer Breivik’s ‘inhumane’ prison treatment claims
Norway has rejected mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s claims he is subject to inhuman and degrading treatment in prison which violates his human...
Cricket in mourning as batting legend Martin Crowe loses battle with cancer
The world of cricket was in mourning today for Martin Crowe, one of the greatest batsman of all time who has died from cancer at the age of 53.
Fragile truce is holding but Syria hit by nationwide electricty blackout
A nationwide electricity blackout has brought war-torn Syria to a standstill. Power was brought down without warning across the country shortly after lunch...
Female militants killed after gun and bomb attack on Istanbul police station
Two women - one with a machine gun and the other a pistol - opened fire outside an Istanbul police station this morning.
Fire the laser! Beams could steer asteroids away from Earth
It is the ultimate science fiction weapon - a system which would use laser beams to intercept and deflect asteroids heading towards Earth. The system...
Madonna and Guy Ritchie scolded by judge over custody fight
Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie have been urged by a judge to resolve the custody dispute over their son. When the couple divorced in 2008,...
Deaths and panic after 7.8 magnitude earthquake rattles Indonesian coast
A powerful earthquake caused casualties and spread panic throughout Indonesia, the country worst hit by the 2004 tsunami.
Sir Elton John won’t let his sons inherit his $280 million fortune
Sir Elton John has revealed that he will not be leaving his $280 million (£200m) fortune to his sons, Zachary, five, and three-year-old Elijah.
Driverless racing car hits 120mph on track
Zooming around a racetrack at speeds of up to 120mph, this car handles tight turns and twisty chicanes - all without a driver.
Facebook investigated for forcing users to reveal too much information
Facebook is being investigated by watchdogs over claims it abused its market domination to breach data protection laws in Germany.
Allah told me to decapitate girl, says nanny seen waving head outside station
A nanny accused of decapitating a young girl in her care and then walking through the street brandishing her head has said the killing was ordered by Allah. Gulchekhra...
Forget your tablet, reach for your colouring pencils as new craze sweeps in
In these days of smartphones, tablets, wall-to-wall satellite TV channels and games consoles, the future of the humble colouring book could look grey.
Australian inquiry hears of gun-toting paedophile priest
An Australian inquiry into systemic child abuse in the Catholic church has been told of a gun-toting paedophile priest who made children kneel between...
Malaysia customs seizes 159kg in smuggled ivory
Malaysian authorities said on Wednesday they had confiscated 159kg (350lb) of ivory smuggled by air passengers, the latest seizures in a country used as...
U.S. military invites vetted experts to ‘Hack the Pentagon’
The Pentagon said on Wednesday it would invite vetted outside hackers to test the cybersecurity of some public U.S.
Europe on ‘brink of humanitarian crisis’ as NATO warns of terror infiltrators
The United Nations has warned that Europe is on the brink of a “self-induced humanitarian crisis” caused by the build-up of migrants and refugees...
Olympic bids investigated in corruption probe
The International Olympic Committee said on Tuesday it would act on any evidence from French prosecutors who said they were investigating the bidding process...
Mark who? Sly Stallone’s brother hits out over Oscar snub
A furious Frank Stallone has slammed the Academy in a foul-mouthed tirade for snubbing big brother Sylvester in the best supporting actor category at this...
Hong Kong bookseller denies he was kidnapped by China
A Hong Kong bookseller and British passport holder who disappeared last year said he had not been kidnapped by Chinese authorities, as many suspect, but...

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