Apple’s TV service will likely be much more important than everyone thinks

For years, pundits have predicted the death of traditional TV, and company after company has offered alternatives to the big “bundles” of networks provided by cable companies. As yet, however, with the exception of Netflix, none of these streaming services has offered a compelling alternative to traditional TV, especially for viewers who like to watch live sports. Apple’s service could change that, Yahoo Finance contributor Henry Blodget writes. By including some of the major networks, Apple will provide access to many of the games and events that today’s sports fans keep their cable TV subscriptions for.

Apple’s service will make these networks available even in geographic areas in which using an antenna to capture broadcast signals is impractical.

Henry Blodget

Just as important, Apple’s service will likely allow subscribers to watch TV and TV programs wherever they are — not just on the couch at home in front of their television sets. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has created a “multiscreen world” for most of us, especially the younger digital generation. We want to watch what we want to watch whenever and wherever we want to watch it — not just on the couch in the evening. Apple’s TV service will likely give us the opportunity to do just that.