Hazardous smog hits Shanghai as China’s bad air spreads
Smog in Chinese metropolis Shanghai hit its highest level since January on Tuesday, prompting schools to ban outdoor activities and authorities to limit...
Beijing closes schools and bans cars as smog health fears reach highest level
Beijing issued its first-ever red alert for smog on Monday, urging schools to close and invoking restrictions on factories and traffic that will keep half...
A reasoned argument over seasoned debate? Salt level ‘warning’ takes effect
New York City begins a new era in nutritional warnings this week, when chain restaurants will have to start putting a special symbol on highly salty dishes.
Almost all organs donated in China for transplant unused, shows report
Almost all human organs donated for transplant in China go unused, state-run media said, after years of controversy about the use of body parts from executed...
Fears antibiotic-resistant superbug could cause global epidemic
Scientists in China have identified infectious bacteria that may be resistant to antibiotics.
‘We could not do much to save her’: Conjoined twins die in Bangladesh
Conjoined twin girls have died in Bangladesh less than a week after they were born, the hospital treating them said on Monday.
The kindest cut: Thousands to be sterilised in global vasectomy-athon
Thousands of volunteers around the world are to be sterilised on Friday in a global vasectomy-athon to encourage men to take a bigger role in family planning.
Cutbacks and condom shortage hampers India’s AIDS fight
Indian sex worker Shaalu is using fewer condoms when she meets her clients in New Delhi - not out of choice, but because a funding crunch and procurement...
Just one can of fizzy pop a day can raise heart failure risk by a quarter
Drinking two or more glasses of fizzy or sweetened drinks a day is linked to an increased risk of heart failure, experts have warned.
Vitamin D linked to lower blood pressure and improved fitness
Taking vitamin D supplements may lower blood pressure and boost exercise performance, research has shown. Volunteers given the vitamin daily for two...
Turkey death toll from bootleg booze rises to 23 with 15 others critical
The death toll in Turkey from drinking bootleg liquor has risen to 23 after 11 more people died in hospital over the past two days, local media said Sunday. The...
Doctor convicted of 2nd degree murder in overdose deaths of three patients
A Los Angeles-area doctor was convicted of second degree murder Friday in a landmark case for killing three patients who overdosed on what a prosecutor...
Lo-carb ‘slightly better’ than low fat diets for weight loss
Adopting a low-fat diet and foregoing guilty pleasures such as crisps and fry-ups may not be the best way to slim, a study has found.
Parents stunt disabled daughter’s growth ‘to improve her quality of life’
The parents of a severely disabled girl have taken the radical step to stop their daughter growing in an attempt to improve her life.
20,000 people ‘robbed’ of better chance of survival after late cancer diagnosis
A diagnosis lottery means cancer patients in some parts of the country have a much better chance of surviving than others, according to a new report.
Ham, hot dogs and sausages CAN cause cancer, says WHO
Processed meat can cause bowel cancer - with red meat also a likely cause of the disease, the World Health Organisation has said.
Ham, hot dogs and sausages CAN cause bowl cancer, says WHO
Processed meat can cause bowel cancer - with red meat also a likely cause of the disease, the World Health Organisation has said.
Cancer risk through sausages, bacon and burgers to be highlighted
Bacon, ham and sausages are set to be classed alongside cigarettes, arsenic and asbestos as cancer-causing by global health experts.
Ex-Fukushima nuclear plant worker confirmed to have cancer
A man in his 40s who worked at the Fukushima nuclear plant after the 2011 disaster is the first person confirmed to have developed cancer from radiation...
First Fukushima worker diagnosed with radiation-linked cancer
A former Fukushima nuclear plant worker has been diagnosed with radiation-linked cancer, the first such confirmation more than four years after the worst...
New test boosts pregnancy success rate for women undergoing IVF
Women undergoing IVF could have an 80% chance of success thanks to a new test developed by British scientists.
Strawberry-shaped foam heart could revolutionise transplant surgery
Scientists have created an artificial heart made of foam that could be better than existing devices at pumping blood around the body.
Satisfying urges: World’s first ‘female Viagra’ could spark sex drug boom
Most women with low sexual desire won’t rush to get the first prescription drug to boost female libido when it becomes available on Saturday.
New ‘running commentary’ blood test 'future of cancer treatment’
A newly developed “running commentary” blood test that continually tracks cancer progress could help patients get the best treatment, researchers...
Magnetic energy ‘can affect brain’s perception of God and immigrants’
Attitudes towards God and immigrants can be altered by beaming magnetic energy into the brain, scientists have shown.
800-pound man determined to slim down, dreams of becoming an actor
A Rhode Island man who weighs nearly 800 pounds says he’s determined to slim down and he dreams of becoming an actor one day.
Pregnant women ‘should be advised to totally avoid alcohol’, say two experts
Women should be warned to steer clear of alcohol for the whole of pregnancy to avoid harming their baby, two experts have argued.
Gene test shows which breast cancer patients can skip chemo
Many women with early-stage breast cancer can skip chemotherapy without hurting their odds of beating the disease - good news from a major study that shows...
Baby born weighing just 1.5lb on cruise ship beats odds to survive
A woman who unexpectedly gave birth on a cruise ship months before her due date says she wrapped towels around the 1 ½-pound boy to keep him alive...
Company will lower AIDS drug price after worldwide outrage to 4,000% hike
The CEO of a pharmaceutical company, which increased the price of a drug used for parasite infections by more than 4,000 percent, said the company would...

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