Ancient Europeans were lactose intolerant long after they made cheese
Scientists have identified that ancient Europeans remained intolerant to lactose for 5,000 years after they adopted agricultural practices and 4,000 years...
Paralysed man walks again after pioneering cell transplant
A Bulgarian man who was paralysed from the chest down in a knife attack can now walk with the aid of a frame after receiving pioneering transplant treatment...
Antibiotics may help animals spread salmonella
Giving animals antibiotics may make them sicker and could lead some to spread even more salmonella than they would have otherwise, U.S.
Nigeria declared Ebola-free as dozens cleared from U.S. watch lists
Nigeria was declared free of the deadly Ebola virus on Monday after a determined doctor and thousands of officials and volunteers helped end an outbreak...
Canada to send experimental Ebola vaccine to WHO as cases develop
Canada will start shipping its experimental Ebola vaccine to the World Health Organization on Monday.
Ebola outbreak ‘over in Senegal’ as Nigeria approaches all-clear
The U.N. health agency officially declared an end Friday to the Ebola outbreak in Senegal, a rare bit of good news amid the public outcry and fear over...
UN admits major mistakes in Ebola response as West Africa death toll rises
The World Health Organisation has admitted it botched attempts to halt the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Cruise ship quarantined off coast of Belize with U.S. Ebola nurse on board
A passenger on a U.S. cruise ship in the Caribbean has been quarantined after it was thought he or she handled Ebola specimens.
Frustrated Obama chides allies on lukewarm response to Ebola crisis
Even as the wobbly US response to Ebola dominated headlines this week, US President Barack Obama ramped up a frustration-powered campaign to get reluctant...
A clipboard but no hazmat suit: The mystery man with the U.S. Ebola nurse
A man has been spotted helping a nurse in the U.S. with Ebola board a flight to a specialist unit - without wearing a hazmat suit or indeed any protective...
Ebola intensifies worldwide travel fears, precautions
Ebola could spread globally if the world does not respond to the epidemic in Africa, Barack Obama has warned.
Ebola in the U.S.: Second Dallas health care worker diagnosed with virus
A second Texas healthcare worker who treated the first patient in the United States to be diagnosed with Ebola has tested positive for the disease, the...
Google Glass user becomes first man diagnosed with Internet addiction disorder
San Diego doctors have identified the first known case of “Internet addiction disorder” involving Google Glass, according to a new study.
Digital doctors: China sees tech cure for healthcare woes
Liu Chunming almost died after a car crash in July in Taihe, a remote county in China’s southeast Jiangxi province, but survived serious abdominal...
Ebola death rate rises to 70 percent as WHO warns of 10,000 new cases a week
The death rate in the Ebola outbreak has risen to 70 percent and there could be up to 10,000 new cases a week in two months, the World Health Organization...
Ebola crisis: UN worker who contracted virus in Liberia dies in Germany
An international member of the United Nations’ medical team who was infected with Ebola in Liberia has died despite “intensive medical procedures”,...
Doctor gives blood for Ebola-infected Dallas nurse
A Dallas nurse who caught Ebola while treating a Liberian patient who died of the disease has received a plasma transfusion donated by a doctor who beat...
Second Ebola case in Texas as health care worker contracts virus
Officials say a health care worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who attended to the Ebola patient hospitalised there has tested positive for the...
End of diabetes? Ground-breaking treatment discovered using stem cells
A ground-breaking treatment involving human stem cells will give those suffering from Type 1 diabetes hope for the future.
UN bemoans lack of Ebola aid as U.S. airports begin advanced screening
Pledges of financial aid to fight Ebola have fallen far short of the $1 billion needed by the United Nations, with only one quarter of the amount raised,...
EU steps up Ebola screening as top health official issues warning
Health authorities in many European countries have been preparing for the possible arrival of suspected and confirmed cases of Ebola, following guidelines...
There’s no such thing as a vaginal orgasm, study says
The vaginal orgasm does not, and cannot, exist. Furthermore, women do not ejaculate and the elusive, euphoric G-spot is just a fantasy.
Spanish nurse infected with Ebola ‘touched face with tainted glove’
The Spanish nurse being treated for Ebola says she touched her face with a tainted protective glove after helping treat a man dying from the virus.
'Save Excalibur!' Campaign for Spain authorities to spare Ebola victim's dog
The husband of the Spanish nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola is denouncing health officials who told him their dog would have to be killed as a precaution.
Questions over Spanish handling of Ebola case as three more quarantined
Three more people are under quarantine for possible Ebola at a Madrid hospital after a Spanish nursing assistant became infected there.
Java genes: DNA linked to how much coffee you drink
People’s coffee drinking habits are linked to their genes, scientists have found.
Body count rising: Sierra Leone records 121 Ebola deaths in a single day
Sierra Leone recorded 121 deaths from Ebola and scores of new infections in one of the single deadliest days since the disease appeared in the West African...
Coming soon: Bio-engineered penis transplants
Penises grown in laboratories could soon be tested on men by scientists developing technology to help people with congenital abnormalities, or who have...
For the first time, a woman has given birth after receiving a womb transplant
In a medical first, a woman in Sweden has given birth after receiving a womb transplant, the doctor who performed the pioneering procedure said Friday.
Pakistan polio cases rise, edging toward record number
The number of polio cases recorded in Pakistan has leapt to its highest level in 14 years after attacks on immunisation teams led to a surge in incidences...

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