Armless man jailed for four months on weapons possession charge

Four months after his arrest on gun possession charges, a man who is unable to use his arms has been released from prison without bail. Marcus Hubbard had been in jail since August, when a car he was travelling in with three other men was pulled over for running a red light in Trenton, Missouri. A police search of the vehicle uncovered a gun and a prescription bottle of codeine. Because none of the men would take responsibility for the weapon or medication, police arrested all four.

How could [he be] held for four months on a gun charge? He cannot move his arms. They are useless to him.

Marcus Hubbard’s attorney Caroline Turner

Hubbard, whom doctors suspect may have ALS, has been unable to use his arms since he suffered a spinal injury in car accident. Prosecutors acknowledge that Hubbard has no use of his hands but say he still could be guilty of a crime. Hubbard had been hospitalised in protective custody since his arrest, at a cost of at least $60,000 (£38,400).