Boris Johnson cancels trip to Moscow next week over Syria

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has cancelled a visit to Moscow next week as tensions grow over events in Syria. It comes after the UK backed US airstrikes on a Syrian airbase where a horrifying chemical attack was allegedly launched. Russia, an ally of the Assad regime, said the strikes had “completely ruined” the relationship between Moscow and Washington. Mr Johnson spoke with US secretary of state Rex Tillerson, who is still due to visit Russia, before making his decision.

Developments in Syria have changed the situation fundamentally.

Boris Johnson

Many world leaders have praised Donald Trump’s move to strike Syria following the chemical attack on Idlib which killed 80 people, including children, and has been widely blamed on Damascus. Syrian allies Russia and Iran have both condemned the US airstrikes. The US ambassador to the UN has said America is “prepared to do more” militarily in Syria, but hopes it will not be necessary. Speaking at a UN Security Council meeting, the Russian representative, along with the Syrian and Libyan ambassadors, argued that America’s unilateral military intervention defied the UN charter and violated international law.