Bottoms up! Scientists turn manure into water

Scientists in the U.S. have developed technology that can turn cow manure into drinkable water. The anaerobic digester takes manure and passes out water which is clean enough for livestock to drink - by removing compounds such as ammonia. Nutrients are also pulled from the manure during the process which can be turned into fertiliser.

About 90% of the manure is water but it contains large amounts of nutrients, carbon and pathogens that can have an environmental impact if not properly managed.

—Professor Steve Safferman, from the Michigan State University team

Professor Steve Safferman, said: “If you have 1,000 cows, they produce about 10 million gallons of manure a year.” The system would produce 50 gallons (227L) of water for every 100 gallons (455L) of manure digested. The research team hopes to soon increase the water output to 65 gallons (295L).

The accessibility of clean water could make the difference between a farm remaining viable or going out of business.

—Professor Steve Safferman, from the Michigan State University team


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