California man gets 18 years for running U.S. ‘revenge porn’ site

A California man who posted thousands of sexually explicit photos of men and women on a “revenge porn” website was jailed for 18 years in what was described as the first case of its kind in US criminal history. San Diego man Kevin Bollaert, 28, was convicted in February of running a website that hosted more than 10,000 explicit photographs. Bollaert ran a parallel site that then extorted individuals up to $350 each to remove photographs from the revenge porn website.

I have a hard time acknowledging Mr Bollaert as a human being. I can’t get away from the devastation.

Victim of revenge porn site “Nicole”

Unlike other revenge porn websites where photos are anonymous, required the poster to include the subject’s full name, location, age and Facebook profile link. Bollaert created a second website,, which he used when individuals contacted asking for their photos to be removed from the site, earning thousands of dollars in the process.

(The sentence) makes clear there will be severe consequences for those that profit from the exploitation of victims online.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris