Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning leaves military prison
Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning has been released from military prison, a US Army spokesperson has confirmed.
Donald Trump has worst poll approval rating at 100 days than any President since 1945
As Donald Trump approaches his 100th day in the White House, the Republican is suffering the lowest approval ratings than any President since 1945.
Colombia ‘avalanche of water’ kills more than 200 people
At least 200 people are dead after an “avalanche of water” engulfed the Colombian city of Mocoa, according to the Red Cross.
Intruder with backpack arrested at the White House after scaling fence
An intruder carrying a backpack was arrested after scaling a fence around the White House and entering the grounds, the U.S.
Pentagon pledges investigation into nude photo scandal
US Defense Secretary James Mattis on Friday (10 March) warned Department of Defence personnel against violations of social media ethics, saying misconduct...
Sean Spicer begins press briefing with American flag pin on upside-down
White House press secretary Sean Spicer began his Friday press briefing with a bit of a wardrobe malfunction — he took the podium with the flag pin...
Muhammad Ali’s son says he was detained again at airport
Muhammad Ali Jr. was detained and questioned at a Washington airport before being allowed to board a flight to Fort Lauderdale after meeting with lawmakers...
President Trump phone tapping claims: Republican senator wants answers
Donald Trump should reveal what he knows about an alleged wire tap of his phones ordered by Barack Obama before November’s election, says a Republican...
Tony Blair denies pitching to be Donald Trump’s Middle East envoy at secret White House meeting
Tony Blair has not pitched to be US President Donald Trump’s Middle East envoy, a spokesman said.
Trump decides to skip White House press dinner
U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that he would not attend the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, a high-profile...
Dozens injured as car ploughs into New Orleans parade crowd
A young child was among at least 28 people who were injured when a vehicle ploughed into a crowd watching a parade in New Orleans.
Nicki Minaj loses $175,000 in LA mansion burglary as jewels stolen
Nicki Minaj has had jewellery and other items worth more than $175,000 (£140,000) stolen from her LA mansion.The break-in, details of which have...
Judge blocks part of Donald Trump’s immigration ban
The American Civil Liberties Union announced Saturday evening that a federal court in New York had issued an emergency stay on President Trump’s...
Texas inmate says ‘I’m sorry’ before lethal injection execution
The state of Texas has put to death an inmate convicted of killing two men over a phony drug deal, the first US execution of 2017.
Trump insists Mexico will pay U.S. back for building border wall
President-elect Donald Trump has insisted that any money spent by US taxpayers on a border wall will be repaid by Mexico.
Robber who was mistakenly freed 90 years early says he should not go back to jail
A robber mistakenly released from prison decades early says his jail sentence should be quashed.
Trump: Berlin attacks prove I was right on Muslim ban
Donald Trump has said Monday’s attacks in Berlin and Ankara proved he was right to propose curbing Muslim immigration in the US.
At least 29 dead in huge explosion at Mexican fireworks market
At least 29 people have been killed in an explosion that ripped through a large fireworks market in Mexico, a chief state prosecutor says.
Rudy Giuliani rules out taking up post in Trump administration
Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani will not join President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming administration after he takes office next month, it has...
Trump fires aide’s son over fake Clinton story
Donald Trump has reportedly fired one of his staff for pushing fake news about Hillary Clinton being involved in a child-sex ring.
Donald Trump to leave business empire to concentrate on Presidency
Donald Trump will withdraw from running his businesses to avoid any perception of conflict of interest when he becomes president.
Mitt Romney praises Donald Trump after posh dinner in New York
Former Donald Trump critic Mitt Romney has said the President-elect is the “man who can lead us” after the pair met for an “enlightening”...
President Obama: ‘Michelle will never run for office’
President Obama says both he and first lady Michelle Obama will be “very active” in working with people at the grass-roots level to support...
Donald Trump says Wisconsin recount push is ‘a scam’
Donald Trump has blasted a push to recount presidential votes in three key states as a “scam”.
Donald Trump calls for national unity in Thanksgiving message
Donald Trump has admitted it will take time for “tensions to heal” following the election as he attempted to make a unifying Thanksgiving message...
Hurricane Otto forces thousands to flee in Central America
Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes as Hurricane Otto heads towards Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
U.S. Navy’s most advanced destroyer USS Zumwalt breaks down again
The U.S. Navy’s biggest and most advanced warship has been towed into port after breaking down in the Panama Canal.
World’s tallest water slide to close after 10-year-old boy was killed
The world’s tallest water slide will be demolished after a 10-year-old boy was killed riding it, park operators have said.
Python owner not guilty after snake killed two young boys in Canada
A Canadian man whose python escaped from his pet shop and killed two young boys has been cleared of criminal negligence causing death.
Trump beats Clinton in U.S. election to take White House in stunning upset
Donald Trump has stunned the world by defeating Hillary Clinton to be elected the 45th president of the United States in one of the most divisive elections...

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