Brazil presidential candidate, six others killed in plane crash
Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, a contender to unseat President Dilma Rousseff in October elections, died Wednesday when his campaign...
Obama calls Missouri shooting death tragic; protests continue
President Barack Obama called the police shooting death of an unarmed black teenager a tragedy and called for a thoughtful response after two nights of...
FBI opens Michael Brown shooting investigation as protests continue
Police in Ferguson, Missouri, USA, used tear gas and rubber bullets Monday night to try to disperse a crowd at the site of a burned-out convenience store...
Rioting continues for second night after killing of black Missouri teen
Police fired tear gas after rioting broke out for a second night in Ferguson, Missouri, despite calls on Monday for calm from the mother of a black teenager...
FBI to probe policeman whose shooting of black teen caused late-night riot
Police say the FBI is taking over the investigation of a St Louis police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager.
Dozens of criminals escape after mutiny, jailbreak in Haitian prison
Dozens of hardened criminals are on the loose after jailbreak at a high-security prison in Haiti.
Cycling across Canada: Two Canucks, two causes, two types of cycles
Two Canadian men are each cycling across the country this summer on separate missions to raise awareness around causes to which they want to call attention.
Iselle and Julio: Hawaii dodges one-two storm punch
The one-two hurricane punch that was supposed to hit Hawaii is looking more like a jab and a missed left hook.
WWII vet who found Hitler’s top hat dies at 88
The New York man whose story of finding Adolf Hitler’s top hat at the end of World War II was told in a 2003 documentary film has died.
Ex-Reagan press sec’s death ruled a homicide - 31 years after attack
The death of former White House press secretary James Brady has been ruled a homicide resulting from the 1981 assassination attempt against President Ronald...
Wine collector who made millions from selling fake booze is jailed for 10 years
An American collector convicted of making fake vintage wine in his California kitchen and selling it for tens of millions of dollars was sentenced yesterday...
Historic storm Iselle hits Hawaii head-on and cuts power for thousands
Iselle has reached Hawaii, the first tropical storm to hit the state in 22 years, knocking down trees and causing widespread power cuts.
Trouble in paradise? Hawaii braced for first hurricane in 22 years
The first hurricane expected to hit Hawaii in 22 years weakened slightly Thursday as its outer edges began to bring rain and wind to the Big Island.
U.S. judge gives Indonesian wine forger who blended in his kitchen 10 years in jail
Indonesian wine forger Rudy Kurniawan was sentenced by an American judge Thursday to 10 years in prison after being found guilty of manufacturing and selling...
Ashes of 9 victims from Jonestown cult massacre found in U.S. funeral home
The cremated remains of nine victims of a 1978 mass cult suicide-murder in Jonestown, Guyana, have turned up in a former funeral home in Delaware, officials...
Boy cheats death in plane crash thanks to row with his parents
A family whose house was destroyed when a plane crashed into it have told how their son would have been killed had they not let him sleep with them.
Mystery of Argentina’s ‘dirty war’ ends as activist finds missing grandson
An enduring mystery of Argentina’s “dirty war” has ended with the announcement that a prominent human rights activist has located the...
Is a serial killer stalking the streets of Brazil?
Police in Brazil say the shooting deaths of 12 young women so far this year in the city of Goiania may be the work of a serial killer.
Half a million without safe water in Ohio due to contaminated supply
Hundreds of thousands of people in Toledo, Ohio, have effectively had their running water supply cut off for a third day after high levels of toxins were...
World War I: Canada’s involvement began with a telegram from Great Britain
Canada went to war a century ago not with a vote in Parliament, nor even a vote in cabinet.
Supporters, foes of pot legalisation post rival ads in NY Times
Supporters and opponents of the federal ban on marijuana took to the pages of The New York Times this weekend with full-page colour advertisements that...
'Cash in your lawn': California declares war on lush lawns amid drought
Lush green lawns, a symbol of the American way of life, are under attack in California, where “cash for grass” programs have sprouted like...
In Canada, cancer fight puts focus on lack of minorities on stem-cell lists
A Quebec woman’s desperate online plea for a compatible stem-cell donor is bringing light to the issue of a lack of minority donors.
Homeward bound: American volunteers with Ebola evacuated to Atlanta
Two Americans infected with Ebola in West Africa will be evacuated back to the United States today to be cared for in strict isolation.
Obama says of CIA after September 11 attacks, ‘We tortured some folks’
President Barack Obama somberly warned Friday that a forthcoming Senate Intelligence Committee report will show that the United States “tortured some...
Amazon tribe making contact with outside world ‘were massacred’
A group of indigenous Amazon people who were filmed emerging from the Brazilian rainforest and making contact with the outside world may be facing violent...
Bill Clinton, hours before 9/11 attacks: ‘I could have killed bin Laden’
Just hours before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, former U.S. President Bill Clinton told an audience in Australia about his missed chance to kill terror mastermind...
Tropical Storm Bertha forms in the Atlantic, headed for the Caribbean
Tropical storm warnings have been issued for Puerto Rico, the US and British Virgin Islands and other nearby islands as tropical storm Bertha approaches...
12-year-old Florida boy arrested in homeless man’s killing
A 12-year-old Florida boy was arrested Thursday and accused of fatally shooting a homeless man in the head.
'See you in court': Congress votes to sue Obama for exceeding powers
A sharply divided U.S. House of Representatives has approved a Republican plan to launch a campaign-season lawsuit against President Barack Obama, accusing...

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