Cricketer cleared of rape allegation says New Zealand is ‘not safe for blacks’

Former West Indies cricketer Franklyn Rose says he was racially stereotyped and unjustly imprisoned over a rape allegation in New Zealand. The cricketer said New Zealand was not safe for international cricketers, especially if they were black. The 44-year-old, who played 19 Test matches for the West Indies between 1997-2000, Rose said he had always thought New Zealand was one of the friendliest and safest place in the world but his view changed after what he experienced in the country.

You cannot invite someone to your country to play and coach cricket, then throw him in jail for no reason, then kick him out of your country

Franklyn Rose

Rose had been in New Zealand since 2011 on a work visa to play and coach in Auckland when he was investigated over an alleged sex assault earlier this year. He spent weeks in prison but was cleared before being deported for overstaying his visa. Now back in Jamaica, Rose says he has written to the International Cricket Council stating: “New Zealand is not a safe place for international cricketers, especially if they are black.” Police said they strongly refuted his claims and that he never complained during the investigation.

Mr. Rose’s version of events was not able to be corroborated. Mr. Rose was advised of the outcome of his case and thanked the investigating officer

Police superintendent Bill Searle