Un-breakable habit: Kim spotted smoking again despite dad’s dire warnings

His father told him “a cigarette is like a gun aiming at your heart”. But North Korea’s autocratic leader Kim Jong-Un seems unable to quit, despite the country launching a vigorous anti-smoking campaign. He had been seen without a cigarette for more than 80 days, sparking speculation that he may have kicked the habit. But a photo in the North’s top newspaper, the Rodong Sinmun, last week of Kim smiling and holding a burning cigarette while visiting a children’s camp in Pyongyang seems to have stubbed out the speculation.

People who smoke first thing in the morning are disgusting and harmful to others

Woman featured in North Korea anti-smoking campaign

There have been plenty of photos of Kim lighting up in the past. He smoked when he inspected a ballistic missile plant, visited construction sites, toured a hospital and attended various sports competitions and art performances. He puffed away on an underground train and even in front of his pregnant wife. His father Kim Jong-Il and grandfather Kim Il-Sung were also heavy smokers. Both died of heart attacks.