Deep freeze and ‘polar airmass’ across Europe leaves 10 dead

Ten people have died in Poland as temperatures as low as -30C (-22F) grip Europe, with snow falling from northern Germany to the beaches of Greece. The 10 deaths from hypothermia on Sunday mean the cold weather has claimed at least 33 lives in Europe since the weekend. In Italy, eight people died from the polar blast. One of those was a man in the basement of an unused building in Milan, while another was found on the street in Florence.

The next few days are critical, and for sure the health condition of these people is worsening.

Stephane Moissaing, MSF Head of Mission in Serbia.German federal police

Lumps of ice have formed in the Adriatic Sea, with an Arctic-looking scene in Budapest as large chunks flowed down the Danube. Beaches in Greece were dusted by the snow, as the Met Office said the Shetland Islands were warmer than Crete - despite being thousands of miles further north. There were also deaths in eastern France on Sunday when a bus skidded on ice, killing four Portuguese people. In Bulgaria, police said two men from Iraq and Somalia had frozen to death in the mountains as they tried to make their way further into Europe.