Dozens feared dead or injured as train ploughs into New Jersey station

Dozens of people are feared killed or injured after a train crashed into a station in New Jersey on Thursday. The accident happened when a transit train struck a wall after entering the station in Hoboken. Images of the scene posted on Twitter showed what appeared to be debris from the roof and supporting pillars strewn across the platform with a carriage twisted sideways on to a platform. Another image showed wreckage, cables and pipes dangling from the building’s ceiling.

My train just ran full force into Hoboken Station

Twitter user @jaydanahy

The accident happened at about 8.30pm at the station, close to the waterfront with the Hudson River, opposite Manhattan island and about a mile away from downtown Jersey City. Reporters on the scene said there were multiple injuries but officials have not confirmed a number. NJ Transit said it was suspending services in and out of the station “due to a train accident” but offered no further details. On Twitter, a user from New York City, under the name Inscrutable India, wrote, “Lucky to be alive .. we in the second car of the train that crashed in Hoboken.”

That feeling when you see a train crash in Hoboken & few mins later ur daughter in law texts that she took early train so she wasn’t on it.

Twitter user Helene Meisler