Driver survives for three days beside dead girlfriend in wreckage of crashed car

A driver survived for three days alongside the body of his girlfriend after his car careered down a ravine and smashed into a tree. Kevin Bell was unable to move from the pain of his shattered leg as he watched his girlfriend, Nikki Reed, die beside him. He then lived for three days in the SUV, sipping from a bottle of energy drink before eventually climbing out of the ravine and back to the road. There, the 39-year-old, who said he took more than four hours to crawl up the 75ft slope, was spotted by a passing motorist who called for help. He was taken to hospital where he is now recovering.

Driver I think his exact words to me were, ‘Sir, a ride to Seymour sounds great, but do you think you could just call me an ambulance,?

Driver Terry Jared, who came across Mr Bell

Mr Bell and his girlfriend, 37, were driving 600 miles from Seymour, Indiana, to Dover in Pennsylvania, to attend her youngest son’s birthday party. But the car careered off the motorway in Jennings County, Indiana, when he glanced across to look at a photo on her mobile phone. She died shortly after the crash but Mr Bell said he was trapped unable to move through the pain or to locate his mobile phone to call for help. He said he cried for hours over his girlfriend’s death. “I just had no more tears left,” he said. “I cried all the tears I had.”

I loved her. I feel terrible about what happened. She had her whole life planned out for when she was divorced to be with me. Now, it’ll never happen.

Survivor Kevin Bell