French anti-terror police arrest six who ‘recruited potential jihadists’

French police detained six people Sunday suspected of recruiting potential jihadists, just days after another operation saw five charged on similar grounds, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said. Cazeneuve said in a statement that anti-terrorism magistrates in Paris had ordered Sunday’s raid following a probe opened in January last year into “conspiracy to commit a terrorist act and financing of terrorism”. Five arrests were made in Albi and another in the southwest of France.

This new raid takes place five days after the detention for similar motives of eight people in the Paris and Lyon (southeast) regions, of whom five were charged on Saturday, and four remanded in custody.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve

All in their 30s, those arrested are suspected of handling questionable money transfers and having recruited candidates to wage jihad. Investigators are also looking to see if some of the suspects went to Syria, said the source, who wished to remain anonymous. Meanwhile Moussa Coulibaly, the 30-year-old who attacked the soldiers in Nice, injuring two, has since been charged with attempted murder in connection with a terrorist operation.