Frugality bites as China curbs construction of government buildings

China plans to curb construction of unapproved government buildings, amid a national campaign against wasteful spending and graft, according to an updated draft regulation published by the country’s cabinet. Any construction of government offices must be accompanied by feasibility reports and design blueprints, and will require official approvals before construction can begin, state news agency Xinhua reported on Thursday.

Buildings with reception functions such as accommodation, meetings and banquets, including those in the name of ‘training centers,’ are off limits.

China’s Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council

The regulation will also ban any form of loans from financial institutes, sponsorships and fund-raising for unapproved construction projects. Officials and departments involved in illegal construction projects will be named and shamed, and those in serious cases will be held criminally responsible. The Communist Party has been eager to project a frugal image since Xi Jinping became president last year.