In the ‘Colder War’, energy is Putin’s greatest weapon

In his new book, “The Colder War”, Marin Katusa, chief energy strategist for Casey Research, examines Putin’s long-term strategy of returning Russia to global superpower status via strategic use of its primary weapon: energy. While much of the U.S. media attention at this week’s APEC summit was on the deal U.S. President Barack Obama announced with China regarding greenhouse gas emissions – over tech trade tariffs – China’s second major gas deal with Russia was far more important, Katusa says.

Putin keeps winning on his plan. He’s working together in concert with countries like China against U.S. interests worldwide.

Marin Katusa, chief energy strategist for Casey Research

The nearly $1 trillion worth deals between Russia and China announced thus far are not being transacted in U.S. dollar. If the dollar loses its central place in global energy transactions, “the American way of life” could be at risk, he says, arguing the U.S. fracking revolution is actually helping Putin’s long-term ambitions by making the Middle East less geopolitically important to U.S. policymakers.

There is a power vacuum and Putin is taking advantage…Definitely right now Russia is winning the ‘colder war.’

Marin Katusa