Window of opportunity: Cheating parents give kids exam answers

Footage of relatives risking life and limb to help children pass state exams in India has gone viral. Family and friends of children sitting exams in India have been captured on camera risking their lives to help them cheat. Some went to extraordinary lengths, scaling the walls of a school in Hajipur in Bihar state to pass small pieces of papers with the answers on to the pupils. Footage of the blatant cheating has gone viral with children being filmed copying each other and circulating the answers. Local reports claimed some police officers were seen taking bribes to let people into the examination halls. The State’s Education minister admitted there were cases of mass cheating but blamed the families.

Because there is a dearth of police officials, the public outside is causing some disturbance but we are dealing with it.

Vishwanath Kumar, the Superintendent of Mulkzada Singh High School